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Immaterial and Missing Power [ Thursday
July 27th, 2006 // 10:57pm ]
[ mood | amused ]

This only one game of the Touhou series, which is made by Team Shangai Alice. Haven't really read much of the game, only played it. It's a mage girls fighting games (oh Kiros, you and your magic girl fetishes~). Which is really interesting, since some of the concepts of the game are very well thought out. It's original, challenging (especially when only playing it on a keyboard), and not to mention fun. Which is why I like this little game. :]

Like in every fighting game, there's a gauge in the bottom of the screen. This is your magic gauge. Once you use magic attacks, it will go down until there isn't anything anymore. Then all you can do is melee attacks. The gauge does replenish itself after a short while, but it's wise not to waste it all. Unless you have some killer attack that'll finish your opponent off. There are also "Spell Cards" which you drop when the enemy attacks you hard enough to make you fall on the ground. You can also gain them by doing the same. You can use these with various attacks. I don't know the details of these spell cards yet, since I've just started playing the game. >.>; I'll have to ask Kiros about that or read about it somewhere.

Now on to the different modes of the game.

Story Mode is of course, going through the game and progressing with the story. Which I can't understand one bit because it's in lolmoon language. I REALLY need to brush up on my Japanese some more. >.>;

Arcade Mode is just going through, beating the crap out of these girls with no story. GREAT FUN!! :D xD

Duel Human is their fancy way of saying "2 Player Mode". Which unless you have controller adaptors to plug into your computer, I wouldn't recommend playing it on just the keyboard. 1 Player is challenging enough as it is. Can you imagine having two people at the same keyboard? No thnx.

Duel CPU is just...beating the crap out of the computer. Not much more to say here.

Practice Mode is where you learn NOT to suck. Which I still find myself going there every so often because I have no idea how to do some attacks. >.>;

Replay Mode is a nifty feature that lets you view matches that you previously took part in. Only if you remember to save them though. Kinda useful for when you want to see what the hell you did wrong. In this particular picture, I was practicing with Youmu, this sword chick. She has a lot of neat little attacks, but they're oh-so-hard to pull off! The screen above is just one of the few where I'm not getting my ass handed over to me.

Ah yes, this is what REALLY happens in about every match. This game (and not just this game, but ANY fighting game) is so hard to play with a keyboard, since there's so many keys that you have to press, and do it quickly! I'm probably gonna look up where to find an adaptop to plug in a controller. Much easier for me. *nod*

Music Room is just what it sounds like. Option to go and listen to the game's music. Which the music is very nice. I really like track #5. Uhh...can't really name it because loldelicious moon language! It reminds me of the music from the anime Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. Now that I mention that, this game makes me want to watch the anime. :o

Result and Option are pretty self-explanotory, so I won't explain those. ;P

Now on to the two characters I like at the moment. :D

Sakuya Izayoi (the one on the left) is kick-ass. Most of her magic attack involve throwing loads of magic knives. There's even this nifty attack where she freezes the knives in one place, so then you can lure the enemy into place and WHAM! YOU BE SLICED, BITCH! It's really nifty! Not to mention that some of her knives bounce off walls, so you can hit the enemy more times.

She also has these neat melee attacks. This one reminds me of Leona from King of Fighters. I guess it's one of the reasons I like Sakuya. >.>;

Patchouli Knowlege (on the left) is another awesome character in the game. She looks kinda defenseless, but she's a powerhouse. I'm guessing she's one of the bosses of the game? Since almost all of her attacks are really powerful and don't require that much magic to use. I don't know, I'll have to look into it.

Her various fire, ice, and tornado attacks kinda remind me of Dizzy from Guilty Gear. She kinda acts like her too.

And that's all I have to say about this great little game. Wish I could say more, but it's really hard to understand when you can't even read in that language. :x I might post more as I learn it!


In other news...

Nintendo reveals Elite Beat Agents partial songlist I don't know what to think of this. :x Though WHY GOD IS THERE A LINKIN PARK SONG ON THERE?! D: How dissapointing!


Well, that's all for now. Until next time, yo. ;P
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Hoo, shit man. [ Friday
July 7th, 2006 // 8:10pm ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Haven't posted on here in like FOREVER. :o How have you all been doing? I've been doing okay. *nod* Been really busy, but still kicking. ;P


Went to Mike's and we got on the topic of strategy games, for which we talked about for an hour or so. During this conversation, he loaned me the following games.
Cut for big pictures, yoCollapse )

While the last one is not that much of a strategy game like the other two, I've wanted to play it. :D So I'll be a very busy person, trying to complete all of those. I also need to hurry up and complete Kingdom Hearts 2! So many games, so little time! D:

Speaking of games (lol big pics again)Collapse )

Well, that's enough for today! I'll remember to update here more often! Take care and talk to you all later!

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bleh [ Friday
March 24th, 2006 // 11:18am ]
[ mood | bored ]

Long time no write. But I would like to take this whole post to say....


That is all.

Oyea, participating in this fighting game tourney tomorrow. Wish me luck! :D

I got game, yo!

Hi~ [ Thursday
February 23rd, 2006 // 12:22pm ]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It's been awhile, hasn't it? My apologies, I've been not only dealing with college, but with drama llama from friends, and some family matters. Things are okay...at the moment. I hope it'll stay that way. :] *nod* Now on with the entry!

I acquired Guilty Gear Isuka, as it's one of the games that I did not own yet. I've only played it, but I wanted it as a part of my Guilty Gear collection, since I'm such a huge fan. Now all that is left is to acquire the original PS game and the GBA game. Not to mention future Guilty Gear games. Anyway, I got it...and played it. And thus I remembered why I didn't like it that much. xD The "hit the button to switch sides" never appealed to me. And the arcade mode is just like a survival mode or of the sort. It's...an okay game, but defenetly not their best. I will keep it since I'm collecting the games. Needless to say, I was happy even though the game is a bit...sucky. xD :]

On Valentine's Day, a friend surprised me with Animal Crossing: Wild World as a gift. Never I would have expected that I would get a game for a Valentine's present instead of chocolate. Though I remedied that by stealing some chocolate from Nathan and ChibiCam, so all is well. xD But yes, I finally have the game I was trying to get for months.

...the game is so addicting. I have never played the Gamecube version, but this game quickly appealed to me. It's highly entertaining. I found myself playing this game for hours, when I should finish other games first. xD *coughATELIERIRIScough* My town's name is ZEP (inside #churchofelric joke) and my character's name is Elly. I already have a three floor house (counting the saving room), but I need more accesories to fill my house. It looks so very empty! xD That and I need some Bell to acquire more things.

One of the things that I cannot grasp is how to catch bugs. Those little suckers manage to get away so quickly before I can switch my shovel to the net! :[ I need to practice on how to catch them, since I have little to no bugs at all. *sobs* Well, this matched with my OMGIHATEBUGS personality. Because I do hate them. xD Heheh, we'll see how that goes!

The nice thing about playing this game is that I have my friends playing the game also. So we find, buy, and trade stuff for each other. We also visit each other towns and so some comical stuff. It's quite nice! :] We're trying to check what hairstyles this game has at the moment. Currently I have green, short and wavy hair. I might try and get the red one soon. I like my green hair for now. :]

Speaking of hair...I cut my hair and dyed it recently. But it's not so short, since I still wanted to grow it out a bit more. And the color is now deep red. It looks quite nice. :] I also cut my bangs since they were so ridiculously long! When I got them cut I was like:"D: I CAN SEE!!!". The people at the place looked at me like I was crazy. xD Hahah! In any case, it looks nice, I'm quite satisfied. :]

Well, I already rambled enough! I shall continue my gaming ramblings in another entry, since I'm in the middle of class...though we're not doing anything at all. >.>; *sigh* I want a challenging class for next term...is that so much to ask? *sighs* Anyway, take care and I shall post for you all later! I also need to comment on some people's LJ. >.>; I'll do it sometime today, I promise! ♥

I'm also very hungry. FEED ME! D:

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Guilty Gear rant and other things~ [ Thursday
February 9th, 2006 // 1:48am ]
[ mood | content ]

Alright, I said I was gonna update with how I was progressing on games. I lied. I'm going to rant now. NOTHING CAN STOP THE RANTING MACHINE. Okay on with the rant. ;P

With the new Guilty Gear XX Slash coming out, not to mention the GG DS and GG PSP game also, it's a good time for GG fans, right? Apparently not. Because all I've seen are people bitching about how there should be a sequel to the GGXX game. It's all I ever hear about.

Now, me being a HUGE GG fan, I have to say this.


Seriously. GG XX has to be one of the best fighting games out there, complete with a solid storyline. And with the new installment, it gets new characters, and new story arcs. Does that not please you enough? ALSO. There's GG DS and the GG PSP game coming out. Why are you still whining?!

Yes, I'm a tad dissapointed that the game is not a GG XX sequel, but at least they're working on the game to make it EVEN better for when there is a sequel. ALSO. They're working on other games. They're humans, not robots. Give them a break! Geez, sometimes I think developers delay games just to get the fans to STFU. Jesus.

*I*, on the other hand, am going to be looking forward to all the GG games they're going to be releasing. Not to mention this one as well. Done by the very same people. SEE? They're not slacking off. So shut yer mouth. /rant machine

In a much calmer note:
This FotNS video is full of AWESOME. (might take a while to load since it's a whole match)

..this one too! (half of a match, so it still takes awhile to load.)

Found a buch of GGXX Slash match videos. Some with A.B.A., some with Order Sol, and some with the other characters. They're good, so if you wanna check it out, they're over here. Just go over to Movies and you'll see the bunch of them there. Enjoy~ ;D

Also, when I was on the net while my teacher was jabbering away, I found some sweet GG merchandise. Some figurines, art books, the rare PS game, etc. I hate being poor. :/ I wanna get all sorts of GG stuff, but no moneys! ;___; Ah well, my time will come sooner or later. :D

I also got all of the new tracks for the GG XX Slash, which might I add, they're pretty damn awesome! Especially A.B.A.'s and Order Sol's themes! It's all I've been listening to ALL DAY.

In other news. I was given the coolest plushie EVER.


Isn't it ADORABLE?! His head and arms are actually articulate! That's just awesome. :D :D


Zaku action figure!

<3 <3

Well, that's all for now. I really should be in bed now. >.>; Night!

Rock You

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Concord Mills outing. (LONG entry!) [ Sunday
February 5th, 2006 // 3:34am ]
[ mood | awake ]

With all the crazy things going on, I didn't really get a chance to participate in the blog of the month thingy, so I just reserved my chances of not winning. *shrug* I'll post some blogs there later. At least I got nominated! It meant a lot that people read my entries and thought that they were interesting. ;D <3

Alright, now on to the real part of the entry.

Thursday was a very boring day. Intro to internet class was fairly easy, as usual. I was abscent for one day, but I worked through all the lessons I missed and the ones for that day so much quicker than the others. The teacher was impressed, though I already told him that I knew some html coding, I just didn't use any program to do it FOR me. So I got to leave early. :D

Went to Snyder hall to find a bored-as-hell Nathan and Tom.

"Hey, wanna go to Concord Mills?"


"Yeah, nothing to do in here, and our classes are over."

"..sure, why not?"

Thus we went on our adventure filled with hilarious, horrible and nasty puns to Concord Mills.

Concord Mills is over in Charlotte, so it's like a 1-2 hour drive for us. But we didn't pay mind to that, we were BORED. So off we went. And as soon as that, Nathan and Tom kept saying puns, over and over again! Every sign they read, they make a pun about that. Every comment made, they make a pun about that. It was awful. But hilarious at the same time! xD Needless to say, it was a very long trip!

Finally got to Concord Mills, and yes, as we entered the mall, they kept making puns out of every single store there. And there were a lot of stores! The most notable pun I remember:

*sign reads Hagar's Restaurant*

Tom: *points to sign* "That restaurant is horrible."

Nathan: *runs after Tom with fists in the air*

Tom: *runs away from Nathan*

Me: *laughs at both of them*

It was a horrible pun (no pun intended! *gets shot*), but a hilarious one! We went to EB Games and found some sweet games. Though we didn't have that much money to buy them. There was this sweet Castlevania bundle for the GBA. I'm planning to get it, since I missed both of them. *nods* And...there was SAMURAI SHOWDOWN V! Oh my GOD I wanted to get it so bad, but I only had 20 bucks! ARGHHH! WHY. Only copy in the store too! *rages* ;___; I will get that game! *shakes fists*

We went to Books-a-Million only to find that they didn't have the manga we were looking for, as usual. It always happens. We go finally get to go to Concord Mills, go into Books-a-Million, none of the manga we're looking for are available. ARGH. >:/ I could have found the manga I was looking for at the Waldenbooks close to where I live!

But then we went to Hot Topic and got me that Lust figurine I was looking for MONTHS! YES! Now it can join my other FMA figurines~ :D Yay~ I also noticed that no one likes Pride. Because I saw all these Pride figurines piled up in a corner. xD Hahah, poor little Pride!

After that, we got out of the mall...still pretty much bored. Nathan found out there was a Babies R Us (he works there) where one of his buddies works at, so he headed over there, while Tom and I were randomly at Toys R Us. We pretty much looked everywhere, mocked toys, remembered some older versions of the toys, mocked their videogame section, etc. It was fun~ Then we found some Sonic figurines that Nathan didn't have. Since there were Shadow and Knuckles figurines that looked nice, I decided to get them! Only that Tom grabbed the only Shadow one, so I only got Knuckles. Darnit! We grabbed the Tails one for Nathan (he's a Tails fanboy). Then next to it....One Piece figurines and action figures?! I looked immediately and POOF! There was a Sanji one! YAY! <3 I grabbed the action figure and didn't let it go. >:] MINE! We waited around for Nathan to come back...and when he did, the only thing I did was hold up the Tails figurine and he came running to claim it! xD Such a silly fanboy~

We later went to Wendy's, where while eating, lots of perverted jokes and MORE PUNS were made. Geez, these guys never change! xD Then we were on the road again...bored again. It was only 6 pm. Sooo...we went to Tom's house.

Tom recently acquired the masamune sword. Yes, the very sword that Sephiroth uses in FFVII. It was HUGE. And so very pretty~ I pretty much latched on to it and I didn't let it go until it was time to leave. xD

We were just hanging around, being bored, until I grabbed a Nerf gun. Then it was WAR. We all got Nerf guns and started shooting at each other. The whole house was a battlefield! xD We hid in the bathrooms, living rooms, etc! It was FUN! (BTW, I managed to shoot Nathan in the face without looking. I GET BONUS POINTS!) Then we took it into game by playing Halo 2, which wasn't as fun as the Nerf guns, but still fun. :D

Later on, it was time to leave. :[ I had to say goodbye to Manny (nickname for the sword) and Gluttony (Tom's CUTE guinea pig that eats everything). Went home, played with my new figurines (WHAT, I like to play with my figurines, so shut up!) took pics of them and then headed to bed.

Here are the pics! (Now on links, because I don't want my huge pics to kill anyone's connection. >.>;)

You can't ignore her huge BOOBS. xD You look at it and it's pretty much "HI I HAVE BIG BOOBIES LOLOL". It's now standing next to Envy.

With a weird robot leg thing. You get all 5 (or was it 6?) figurines to build this weird robot thing. I told Tom and Nathan to build the robot, but they said it was going to be missing an arm. So what? Robots can try and be cool without an arm! And no one likes Amy. I wouldn't get her figurine for a little robot piece, so meh. They wanted to build the whole robot. LAME. ;P I wanted the one-armed robot! xD (In the picture, you can also see Chris from Suikoden 3!)

Sanji in package.
Why am I posting him in the package. Because I thought "Krazy Kick Sanji" was an amusing title. BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO KEWL SPELLED WITH A "K" AM I RITE?! xD

This is such a bad-ass action figure! You can make it do a breakdance move too! xD Awesome. <3

All three of them together~
:D I'm such a dork.

And that ends the Concord Mills outing entry. It was kinda long, but if you read this far, I hope you enjoyed it! ;D

Entry on how far I've progressed in some games is up next! Stay tuned~ (I need to update the FMA TCG community. I've ignored it for far too long! *lazy*)

I got game, yo!

A week comes to a sad end... [ Friday
February 3rd, 2006 // 10:13pm ]
[ mood | crushed ]

First of all, I don't expect any comments or anything on this entry. If you do happen to comment, thanks for caring. Now on to the entry...

This morning...I knew something was going to happen on this morning. I wanted to stay home from class, but I was nagged to death, of course. Anyway, as I was going towards the car to put my bag in so we can go on our merry way...my mom gets this voicemail on her phone. I see her standing there for a second...and then breaking down, crying on the next. I rush to see what's wrong with her, and then the sad news came. Milagros, my late grandmother's and my mother's friend has passed away...

Milagros and I used to talk back when I was living home, she was a pleasant woman to be around. She even used to make me little frilly dresses when I was a lil' baby. She was such a nice person. She had a long painful life. She had diabetes...but it got so bad, that both of her legs had to be amputated. I know she was also suffering of other things, but they really can't come to mind right now. The lady fought for her life, needless to say. It was a long and painful battle...*sigh*

We can't go to her funeral, since when we got the word from it, she was already gone and buried..which kind of made me more upset, but whatever. But yes, THAT was the start of my mother's day. And mine. :/

Milagros, que descanses en paz en las manos de Dios. May you rest in peace.

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Buh....WHAAA?! [ Tuesday
January 31st, 2006 // 7:22pm ]
[ mood | whaaaa?! ]

People MUST be mad around 1-up.com!Collapse )

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YEAH! [ Monday
January 30th, 2006 // 8:33pm ]
[ mood | crazy ]

Survival Level: 200Collapse )

EDIT- Lasted until level 300. Wanted to go to 400. :[ But oh well, it's the highest I've gone since I got the game! Was gonna take a picture, but my camera's batteries decided to crap out on me by dying. :D? :/ Ah well, they're charging now. Might go play some more GG later~

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Hahah! [ Thursday
January 26th, 2006 // 11:43pm ]
[ mood | crazy ]

Pac Man VS Ghost

:D :D

I promise I'll post a more proper entry later. >.>; *runs away*

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BAH [ Thursday
December 15th, 2005 // 1:31am ]
[ mood | stressed ]

I want this semester to end already. I'm sick of not having time to do much else but work on this stuff that I'm not really interested in...which is why I'm not going to be in the printing major, EVER AGAIN. It's like watching paint dry. Or watching grass grow. Interesting, huh? Mah...so no real entry until maybe Saturday or Sunday.

Though, lemme update you guys on something real quick.
Got myself Riviera, which is an addicting game. It's killing me how I don't have a lot of time to play due to college shit going on. :x

Also, a slime has appeared! This controller ROCKS. Haven't played games with it too much, for the same reason, not enough time to play games. :x Bah, I needs me my vacation! Like NOW! *goes to finish off her project*

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Tiny update and meme [ Thursday
December 8th, 2005 // 12:46pm ]
Tagged by citygent ;P

List ten songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Livejournal along with your ten songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to:

1)FFVII: Advent Children OST- Advent One-winged Angel
2)Alisa- Everlasting Love
3)Morikubo Shoutaro & Paku Romi- Voice for you
4)Muse- Apocalypse Please
5)아픔이 머문 자리 - Lovers in Prague
6)Moulin Rouge- El Tango de Roxanne
7)The Kovenant- Planet of the Apes
8)Joe Satriany- Why
9)The Dresden Dolls- Coin-operated Boy
10)Mandylion- Distance for Glory

I tag...the only three people to tag! xD seethroughall, kesenaixtsumi, and redeyesbdragon. Get to it, peoples! ;P

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. Been having lots of things going on, not to mention the final projects from the college. >.>; I'll make a proper update when all of this is over!

In the meantime....game to keep watch...Riviera, The Promised Land. Seems really interesting, going to have to check on that!

Well, that's all for now. Later~ *poofs*
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Gaming rantings and other junk [ Friday
December 2nd, 2005 // 10:15am ]
[ mood | amused ]

First off...What in the fuck?!
Yes, you read and saw right...Final Fantasy Potion drinks. Oh my God. D: Next thing we know is that they'll be making some Phoenix Down energy drinks! Wow, just wow! I wonder what the think will taste like...

King of Fighters anime trailer
OHMYGOD!!! Ahhhhh!! I've been waiting for something like this for YEARS, and now it's in the making! omgomgomgomgomg!!! *goes into fangirl mode* This anime is going to ROCK, yo! Now all they need to do...is a Guilty Gear anime. Then I'll be able to die happy. Oh man...I can't wait to see that KOF anime!

Dirge of Cerberus Japanese cover revealed!
Looks like it's gonna kick some ass! But..wait a sec...Gackt is going to be a playable character? D: Awkwaaaaarrrrrdddd. I hope it doesn't ruin anything...it's interesting, but just odd! I wonder what kind of character he'll be? *shrugs* Owell. Speakinf of Dirge of Cerberus...I saw a kick-ass Dirge of Cerberus shirt online that I MUST have. I don't have the link now, since I'm in class, so when I get home I'll post it up for you all to see. :D?

I got this nifty Nintendo DS case along with some other things, like extra styluses, cool earphones and little cases for your games. It's a pretty sweet deal!

And...a Suikoden figurine! Found this in Gamestop the other day..for 3 bucks. So I HAD to get it, being the Suikoden fan I am! :D It's so pretty! Now if they only had Nash...

Finally...Scar Chase Card! This card is awesome! :D Can't wait to use it in game! ...speaking of which, I need to update some of my decks and play sometime. Also update my LJ community too, it's been a bit dead. >.>;

And now for the norm...

Games I've been currently playing:
Phonix Wright

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload

Games that I played elsewhere:
Naruto 4
Mario Kart DS

Phoenix Wright:
Right, this game has me in WTF mode now. D: Finally finished the Steel Samurai episode, finding that lady Vazquez guilty. She tried to play little mind games, but she failed. But anywho, on to the fourth chapter! It begins with two people on a boat...and one of them talks about revenge and shoots the other person! Then....it shows that the person holding the gun is....EDGEWORTH?! No! It can't be, it has to be his twin brother or something! How can Edworth, the trusted prosecutor, fighting for justice just kill anyone?! Agh, my brains, they hurtttt!! @___@ So we went to the Detention Center...and there he was, all smug and being so difficult. No lawyer wants to help him because he declared all of their clients "Guilty"...but then when Phoenix said he'd defend him, Edworth said that he especially didn't want him to be involved in all this. WHAT. D: What in the hell is going on with the guy?! Well, we do investigation anyway, because we can. We find Detective Gumshoe as determined as ever to help Edgeworth. He said that we HAD to help him no matter what and leaves back to the police station. Ack, my brains still hurt! @__@ So now I'm still doing some investigation...Wow, this game just knows how to surprise you! I guess it's one of the many things I love about this game!

Took Reno on a walk~ Got to meet with another trainer and his dog "Toby". Reno and Toby played a whole lot, it was so adorable! Reno is always so playful with every dog he seems to meet. I haven't really gotten any negative responses, so that's good! :D On our way back to the house, he found this nifty and pretty Clover clock! So now I have that one set up! Funny, as soon as I got it, I though of Bouche and chantra...because they love the anime "Honey and Clover". xD

Anyway, Marie brought in her copy of Nintendogs...and she had the Husky. D: So I had to get it! We went into the Bark Mode to have Reno play with Sasuke (her husky). That husky was soooo adorable! And so energetic too! Reno and Sasuke got along really well, always playing around and lying down next to each other. Aww, how cute~ :D So now I have Marie on my friends list and now I get to have a Husky! :D YES! I'll get one later on and name it "Black Hayate" or "Hayate". xD I'm so happy I got that Husky!

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana:
More leveling up. POWER LEVEL~~~ Yep!

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload:
Just played around in the arcades and some of the missions I couldn't get. I need to practice more often, since I might be playing this with someone kinda soon. *nod*

Naruto 4:
More fighting game goodness~ ChibiCam found some nice combos written up online, so now he's hading our asses to us everyday. I think I'll go look for some too, just to wow him. ;D Nothing else to add, really.

Mario Kart DS:
Love this game! The Battle option is really interesting. You only get one balloon, so you have to blow the other two up. You can either blow into your DS mic (which is really funny!) or hit the Y button, I think. And then...it's time to smash some ballons! >:D It's mighty fun! So is the Shine mode. You have to collect as many shiny stars to win! You obviously lose stars if you're hit, so hit the enemy and take their stars to win! So much fun! I so need to get this game soon!

Well, that's all for now! Toodles~

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Well hot diggity dang! [ Monday
November 28th, 2005 // 9:08pm ]
[ mood | content ]

Games I've been currently playing:
Phoenix Wright
Jump Superstars

Atlier Iris: Eternal Mana

Games that I watched/played a bit:
Naruto 4
Mario Kart DS
Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
Fatal Frame 3


Phoenix Wright:
FINALLY getting to finish that Steel Samurai episode. Had to do a lot of investigation and item gathering in order to get some evidence, which I had close to none! That Cody kid was a little brat though...but once I showed him that "Ultra Special Rare"-whatever Steel Samurai card...wow, that kid completely changed in his attitude! Was it the same little runt? Not to mention that he was always awfully nice to Mia. I wonder why that is. >.>; *shrug* The old hag seemed like she was gonna pass out due to chasing that little brat all day, not to mention a bit depressed, which isn't a sight I've seen. Then I've learned of a few...shocking secrets! ...the real culprit...could have been the PRODUCER herself! Dee Vazques! I've always thought she looked a bit...suspicious. Not to mention the way she talks and all. Geez..this gal is something else,yo! I would have certainly not expected that she has friends from the Mafia! Wow...just wow! For a second there, I thought Nick and Maya were gonna be dead meat, but....who comes to save the day? DETECTIVE GUMSHOE! :O The most unlikely person comes in and takes Dee to the station. Phew, I never really liked him, but that's starting to change! After all that, I decided to stop playing, since there were other games waiting for me to play them. ;P

Jump Superstars:
Just played a few matches with a friend of mine...should really get to unlocking more characters! >.>;

Couldn't do much except to feed it, give it something to drink and take little Reno for a walk, since I've been surrounded by people ALL day and I couldn't talk into my DS so the poor dog could hear me. >.>; If anything, I bet it was a bit confused due to all reactions coming from people's reaction to Naruto 4. On the walk, we got to meet a trainer and his dog, Toby. They were so CUTE together! They were playing around and junk. Awww~ Then I got to practice a bit of disc throwing in the park, so I could enter Reno in the disc competition....yeah, that still needs some work, needless to say. >.>; He's excellent in obedience trials, but disc competitions? I did one...and I failed at it HORRIBLY. :x Meh, I'll have time to change that. *nod* Then I walked him back home and he was all dirty, with fleas jumping out of him! :O Yea, time for a bath, yo. xD Haha! SO I gave him a bath...and he shined those little sparkly things...like Armstrong does! xD He was feeling pretty happy and pretty. :D

Atlier Iris: Eternal Mana
Got to play a bit of this, and leveled up a few...and that's all I did. >.>;

Naruto 4:
Now here's where the good stuff comes in! Finally got to play this game! Graphics-wise, it hasn't changed a whole lot, but it wasn't that bad to begin with. Had a nice anime-feel to it, with the cel-shading. It's not a bad cel-shading, so it's all good, yo!

Game still plays the same, I think the only thing they changed is some of the specials. Instead of doing some of the specials 'down + X' it's now 'back + x'. Nothing too hard, everything else was still the same.

They've added 8 new characters, I think. Some dude from the Sound Village (which looked a bit..zombie-ish) and not to mention the Kyuubi (Fox Spirit) Naruto and the demon-looking Sasuke thing. I'm still in episode 85, so I don't know about the new Sound dudes, or the demon-looking Sasuke. I was just in awe in what they could do! Especially Kyuubit Naruto and the demon Sasuke. They had some MEAN but awesome-looking attacks! ...they are defenetly broken-as-hell characters! Oh, they have a new Hinata too. I don't remember what she was called, but she has Neji's super and she also has a Kaiten attack too. Needless to say, she kicks some serious ass.

Character combination attacks are....wow. That's the only way to describe it, they just look too cool! Especially the Sharingan team (Kakashi, Sasuke and Itachi). I think chibiCam has yet to discover the few combinations he missed, but he knows almost all of them. I'll have to ask him, when I do, I'll post a list of them here. *nod*

In conclusion...this game is as much fun as the third one...maybe even MORE fun! Thumbs up from me! ;D

Mario Kart DS:
Another game I've been wanting to play. This game is too awesome for words. Tom, chibiCam and I played the multiplayer race for a long time. It rocked! It even had some of the classic stages from SNES Mario Kart game. Ahh...that brought back some memories! I have yet to play it in any other mode, but I'm liking it a lot so far! Might get this game sometime later.

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
I wanted to play this game so badly...but now I have mixed feelings on it. The opening sequence was beautifully animated and all...but the music. THE MUSIC. It didn't match with what was going on at all! It made me cringe a little. :/ Voice-overs are okay, not too bad, but not excellent. The battle system is so confusing. :o I guess it's more confusing if you watch it and not play it, since it's what I did. >.>; But it was still so confusing. Looks like you have to hit a series of buttons in the right timing. Ack...why does this reminds me of Legend of Dragoon? :x They had this neat fortune-telling thing. Not sure what it does, but it looks neat. xD This is all first impressions, since I haven't really played it. I'm sure I'll like it once I REALLY play it and get into it. Might possibly get this too, since I doubt I can borrow it from my brother. >.>;

Fatal Frame 3:
This game looks niiiiiice! The voice overs are a MILLION times better than the first one! The graphics are so pretty too! At the start of the game, when you see the first "ghost", the screen goes like it was some sort of old movie..in black and white. It's a very nice effect and it goes well with the game! That first ghost that appeared..oh man, it scared me! And it's voice was really scary too! Yea, voice acting is a whole lot better! *nodnod* If the thing hits you, it takes MORE than half of your health. :x Argh! So if you don't run away quick, you're done for. It's a very good game from what I've seen. Defenetly have to keep a watch on this one!


Woo, lots of games today, hm? Not that I'm complaining! ;P Well, that's all for now! Laters~

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Been kinda busy, yo! >.>; [ Tuesday
November 22nd, 2005 // 11:11am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Games that I'm currently playing:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney

Naruto 3

Fullmetal Alchemist TCG


Phoenix Wright:
Still on the Steel Samurai case. >.>; Been so busy that I've been playing bits and pieces of this game. But meh. *shrug* The wacky police lady got arrested and was in questioning (thank GOD), so now you could go around more freely without her yelling:"Whippersnapper! >:O" at you. THAT was getting annoying, yo! Talking with the props lady, we discover that there's a kid (fanboy, lolz) sneaking in to get some pictures of the Steel Samurai and getting the scoop on anything Steel Samurai-related. I have yet to see him.Anddd... I met the direct...and sweet jumpining jellybeans! :O That guy....is so...I think he's the king of all perverted nerds. He talks in internet slang too, which is soooo horrid! :x Maya is all like:"Nick...what does rocksores mean...? :[". It was hilarious, though a bit sad...I can actually name a few people who would talk like that. >.>; That's just insane!

Training Reno is going well! :D He learned how to sit, lie down, jump and shake! I have 149 trainer points so far...and my doggy adores me! :3 Yay! I have to teach him more tricks...when people aren't looking at me when I speak into my DS. >.>; My mom being weirded out when I was making the dog learn his name was enough! Anyway, I took him out on several walks. I found a park with other doggies in them, a obsticle course I can use to practice the agility trials, a park that has no other doggies in them (good for practicing disc throwing), and a discount store. On the way, Reno found a camera randomly lying on the ground. :o But it was a broken one. xD He brought it over to me so cheerfully too, it was so adorable! :3 I also found this other trainer walking a Golden Retriever. Reno didn't seem to like the other dog, since it was always trying to pick a fight with it! :o Silly doggy! I'll train him some more later. *nods*

Naruto 3:
Played the last bit of the game before I gave it back to chibiCam. Nothing much to say except that I'm an expert Temari and Kakashi player, yo! :D I needs to get me this game. And the fourth one that just came out in Japan.


Games that I'm looking forward to:
Mario Kart DS: Oh God, I so want this game. It's Mario Kart...and you can play against other players...worldwide?! Dude, that's just awesome. Just for that alone, I want this game. :D

We ♥ Katamari!: I want to play this game soooo bad! Everyone love katamari! I WILL get my hands on this game one way or another!

Dragon Warrior VIII: Complete with the FFXII demo, this is a MUST get. DW VIII looks like an amazing game, and the fact that it comes with the FFXII demo? Yeah, no doubt about it, I'm getting this game!

I know there are more games that I think they're interesting, but my brain's too tired to remember. >.>; That's all for now, later, yo! *poofs*

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So many games, so little time! D: [ Friday
November 18th, 2005 // 10:15am ]
[ mood | amused ]

Games that I'm currently playing:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Jump Superstars

Naruto 3

Fullmetal Alchemist TCG

Games randomly played:
Sonic Rush Demo (DS)


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
This game is so addicting. I wish I had more free time so I could finish it more quickly! But I'm a busy person, so that's out of the plan. ;P Owell. Anyways, yes. I'm still in the third case, the one with the Steel Samurai. I've finished getting some evidence. That stupid old hag was a pain to deal with. D: She acted like she owned the WORLD. And all she does is stuff her face with donuts. WHUT. D: I wanted to poke her eyes out with the stylus. And that idiot detective showed up again. >.>; He really shouldn't be a detective given to how clumsy and unresponsible he is. He jumps to conclusions WAY too quickly too! But the dumbass happened to get a PICTURE of the "killer", I guess. Because of that stupid old lady. MEH. So we badger her and she leaves and lol WE GOTS THE PIC NOW. :D So I save it there, and I'm gonna play the trial in a few minutes to see how it turns out.

This game is WAY too adorable for words. :3 I love it soooo much! I just got a red-ish colored Miniature Dachshund. I named him "Reno". >.>; I'M NOT A FANGIRL. :o ...yes I am. Anyways, it took a LONG while to get him to understand that it was his name, since I had to yell his name over and over like what it seems a MILLION times. I was all like:"Reno!! Reno! .....Reno. Reno, Reno, Reno, RENO! REEEEEENOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", while my mom was like:"Indoor voice, dammit! >:/ Don't be so loud!". But he finally learned his name, so I'm happy about that. :D I also trained him how to sit! He learned that quite quickly! I'm going to have to read all the training manuals in the game, so I can get the gist of how things work in the game. I have to train Reno how to do other stuff, but I haven't had the time to. I'll do that today, since it's Friday and I don't really have anything to do. :D I think I'll take him for a walk too! I love my doggy~ ♥

Jump Superstars:
Haven't been playing this as much as I want to. Probably will play this, after Nintendogs today. To see if I can unlock more fighting characters and support characters. *nods* Only time I've really played it is to battle chibiCam and Nathan.

Fullmetal Alchemist TCG:
Alright! I finally got those Blood and Water decks on Wednesday! :D Along with half of the Blood and Water booster box. *nods* me and Tom split it. We both got some good cards. Though he got some cards that I wish I got! Like that shiny Envy one...forgot which one it was.. I think it was "Envy, Copycat"...but I'm not quite sure. :/ He also got a transmutated Tim Marcoh card! D: First one I've ever seen, they look nifty! But...I got an AWESOME "Scar, Alchemist Hunter" Chase card! :D :D That made my heart happy. Though I want to get that Envy Tom has. >:/ Grr!

Anyways, I built my new Scar deck. I was supposed to finish that Lust deck, but I made another deck instead. >.>; ;P But this deck isn't too bad! Had to revise it, take out and add some cards, but I think I'll leave it as it is now until I can get some more cards. *nods* We'll probably go to Greensboro soon...HOPEFULLY. And without Andrew. <.<;

But yeah, here's my deck stats, yo!
Scar DeckCollapse )

That took some time to build, since I didn't really know what to put in it. And then I thought A LOT of things would be good for that deck, so I put A WHOLE lot of cards in. I had like an 80-card deck >.>; So yah, needless to say, I took a lot of cards out! It was interesting to make. I'm planning to make a Hughes deck next. And then it will be Envy~ :D

Sonic Rush Demo (DS):
This game is CRAZY. I was going "WHOA" the whole time I was playing it. It was FUN! The constant watching of BOTH the screens get some getting used to though. But otherwise, this game is PURE FUN! I might get this! *nods*

Well, that's all for now. Laters~ *poofs*

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Children and videogames: a rant [ Tuesday
November 15th, 2005 // 12:06am ]
[ mood | contemplative ]

This kid needs to get his X-BOX given away or something

As you saw, if you clicked the link, that 9-year old kid was bitching at his mother about not wanting to get off the x-BOX live game thing and about getting some chocolate milk. It's the most insane thing I've seen. NO 9-year old should ever act like that. If I was 9 years old again and I would talk to my mom or dad like THAT...hoooo! I would be close to dead or something! And it perfectly understandable, because the kid has to repect their parents (unless the parent is a proven fuck-up, but that's another story). If I had a kid and my kid did what I saw in that video....the nicest thing that would be done is me walking over to my kid, and pouring COLD chocolate milk on his fucking BALLS to see how he likes it. That's the least I can do, the worst? Heh, depends on how much the kid backtalks at me. *shakes head* It's a shame how kids today think they can just waltz in and do whatever the fuck they want. And it's even MORE of a shame that their parents have little or no control at all. Truly a shame. No kid at that age should act like that, much less play a videogame such at what that kid was playing.

Which brings me to another point. Yesterday, when I was getting Phoenix Wright, there was this kid. In his had was "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". He was all like:"Mommy, I want this game! *innocent smile*". And the mother, being the STUPID mother that she was, didn't even look at the game cover, or read the back of the box, or even read the rating of the damn game. She just went to the cashier with her little boy to purchase the game. But then, the cashier looked at the game...at the mother...and at the little boy. And then asked the mother if she knew what game she was purchasing for his son. She said she didn't. Then the dude proceded to tell her ALL about "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". And I do mean ALL about it. And about the ratings, the content of the game, ohhh, the list goes on, yo! The mother had this upset look as she glanced over at her little boy. Poor little boy. But he had it coming to him, I tell you. At least cashiers at EB Games and Gamestop are doing this now. I bet it was due to the numerous complaints of the parents and politicians saying how "EVIL videogames are" and pretty much blaming everything on the videogame industry. Well, now they can't say nothin'. This time, the parents should ask themselves if they are really doing their job as a "parent". Because all of this about the kids playing such gory/overly violent games at an early age is really not their fault...it's the parents, since they don't bother looking at the game box to see what the game's about! But if the parent doesn't get the game for the kid, and the kid obtains it anyway...that's another story. That's when you need to smack them over the head (or pour some COLD chocolate milk on their "no-no place") and ask them what the fuck is wrong with them.

Alright, I'm done with that rant. Opinions?

EDIT-Hahahah! This is GREAT! Sam sent me this after reading my rant, and it made me have a laughing fit for some time! It's hilarious! xD

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[ Monday
November 14th, 2005 // 2:15am ]
[ mood | lonely ]

Games that just ROCK my world right now:

Naruto 3

Phoenix Wright :D


Naruto 3:
Like I said on the previous entry, I finally managed to borrow this from chibiCAM. It's an addicting game! I played through the "Missions" part of the game. It goes on to some fights that actually happen in the anime. Actually it was like "playing" the anime (though they skip the lolfiller parts ;P). It goes from the chuunin exams to all the way to when Tsunaide, Jiraiya and Orochimaru fight. The fights have certain "conditions" you have to do in order to complete the mission. Like killing off the enemy with a special, or finishing them of with a certain move. It was quite challenging to find out what some of these were....since I don't know a whole lot of Japanese. >.>; But hey, I did my best at guessing! :D? xD heh! It took me awhile to get them done, since I was trying to figure out what to do while not getting my ass handed to me. I think the data chibiCAM copied to my memory card has the COM level at the highest...so that's why I had such a hard time. D: But meh, I beat it, so I guess I'm a solid player now. ;P Can't wait until Friday, so I can whup these guys' asses at the college! :D

Phoenix Wright:
This game is too awesome for words. Im only on the second case, but I can't stop playing it! The first case was more of a "practice" case more than anything, to get you used to the game. You are Phoenix Wright, a defendant trying to clear your client's name. In the first case, we have Wright's best buddy, Mr.Butz. He was hilarious! Already wanting to die when the trial hasn't even begun! xD And boy is he a spazz about everything! And I do mean EVERYTHING. Anyway, at some point, this dude comes in and tries to bullshit through the trial by saying some really questionable things. And when you expose the truth everytime, the dude just goes ahead and throws his WIG at Phoenix! xD hahahah! That made me lol for a few minutes...especially Phoenix's look on his face! xD But anyway, I'm now at the second case...facing the prosecute..EDGEWORTH! :O Geez, it seems like he shows Phoenix up everytime he has some evidence! It pissed me off...but it makes me laugh at the same time, I can't explain it! xD He's so smooth about it too! I think he's my favorite character for now~ ♥ ;D heh! Well, I haven't played more of it, so I'll do so before I go to sleep.

So that's all for now, yo! Until next time! *poofs*

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woop, woop! [ Saturday
November 12th, 2005 // 2:04am ]
[ mood | content ]

Guess what I finally borrowed from chibiCAM?
What could it be?!

That's right, bitches, it's Naruto 3, yo! :D :D Finally got to sit down and play this game the way I wanted to. Like I said before, I'm extremely good with Temari. It's my best character so far. Don't know who my second is, since I've been using Temari a whole lot. >.>; Heh, I'll probably practice with Kakashi and Rock Lee to see if they're really good or not. *nods* But anyways, this game is ADDICTING. I haven't stopped playing until now, since I'm tired. ;P But it's an awesome game. A defenetive MUST for Naruto fans~

O, and I'm playing this too.
Though you already knew that, I just wanted to show the pic, since I took it. ;P I'm a little past the first boss, and it's pretty good so far! I like how they make you draw the seals and junk. It's pretty cool!

Well...no organized entry like the others today...I be tired and lazy. Maybe I'll do an organized entry sometime this weekend. We'll see! Until next time, yo! *poofs*

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Woo, long time no update! >.>; [ Saturday
November 5th, 2005 // 9:51pm ]
[ mood | complacent ]

Games that I'm currently playing:
Atlier Iris: Eternal Mana

Final Fanatasy VII

Jump Super Stars
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Card Games:
Fullmetal Alchemist TCG
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Games that I randomly played:
Naruto 3
Soul Calibur 3


Atelier Iris:
Meh, still at the same place, I need to play this game more, yo. It was so addictive, but since I saw Advent Children I wanted to play Final Fantasy VII more than anything! Speaking of which...

Final Fantasy VII:
Started a new game at Sam's place. With excellent character names. :D Though Cloud's name is a bit lame since we couldn't come up with anything...and we were watching Black Cat, so we named him Cloudxiii. xD Tifa is Hoebag and Barret is Mr.T. Excellent. :D xD Anyways, I left off after the Avalanche gang got back from blowing up the first reactor, and they were getting ready to blow up another one. I bought enough potions and some materia to get ready for what's ahead.

Jump Super Stars:
FINALLY got over with that other stage so I can play the other ones! Had to look up the FAQ to get what the game wanted me to do, but meh. It's finally done~ That said, I need to finish this game so I can have all the characters and make a deck that can really kick some ass, yo! ChibiCAM already has Eve and the whole Black Cat crew into one deck. :/ Must catch up!! *shakes fists*

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow:
Finally got to play this game, since ChibiCAM let me borrow it. It's a nice game, though I haven't played a whole lot of it. You get to draw these special "seals" to break the spells on some doors, which is cool, yo! Got past the first boss, which wasn't that hard. Just jump to evade the simple attacks and just smack him with your sword. Simple, ah? Yep! After that I haven't played more of it, I think I might later on tonight though. *nods*

Fullmetal Alchemist TCG:
Not much to say here, we've been collecting good cards rather than playing. And with the Blood and Water expansion coming on November 9th, we just wanna get our hands on some of those new and awesome cards, yo! Finally finished making that deck, though I need to look it over and see if I can put better cards in it. Might make another one since I have enough cards. We have to make plans to go to Greensboro this Wednesday to get some packs. Hopefully our plan will work, yo! *crosses fingers*

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG:
Not much to say here either. Except that Tom has been giving me some pretty nice cards to put into my decks. Marie gave me one too, so I was pretty happy with those. :D Got to play a few games, which mostly I won. >.>; I'm not even that good, and I win, yo! xD I still need lots of practice though, I've been out of the loop since I haven't been playing that much. I think the second version of the Master Collection is out...I couldn't even get the first one. D: I wonder what they'll put into this one...*shrug* Anyway, I might make another deck with the bunch of cards I got from Hansel. Most of them are better than the cards I bought, so yay! :D

Naruto 3:
Finally got to play more of this game, since most of the morons left and us, the cool peeps, were there. ;P My best characters are Temari and Kakashi, no doubt about that. I know I'm good with others, but since I don't play as much, I don't remember. D: I think I may borrow this game from chibiCAM sometime next week, since I want to play it more than I have been. That and because it's an awesome game, yo! Supposebly the 4th game comes out later this month. I wonder what changes they'll make to the game.

Soul Calibur 3:
The highlight of the week, yo! This game KICKS ASS! The animation is even more beautiful (which I didn't think could be done, but I was proven wrong!) and it's so fluid too! The controls are great and everything is just perfect. The best 3D fighting game, folks, is indeed Soul Calibur 3. Can't say much for the story, since we mostly played the versus mode. But I'll defenetly have to get my hands on this game! :D

Games I want to get soon:
Phoenix Wright- Man, I played the first chapter and I was hooked! Too bad I couldn't play more. :[ I so want this game! It's so innovative and different from all other games. A must get in my list, yo!

Nintendogs- Shut up. Shut it, because this game's ADORABLENESS rules all! That's all I need to say about that, yo.

We Love Katamari- Why wouldn't I want this game? ;P

...and I know I want some others, but I can't think of them now, so meh. ;P

That's all for now, yo! Until next time~ *poofs*

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